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Ottawa Interior Decoration

Renovation for many people is perplexing and unruly task, involving long hours, dense discussions and filled with frustrating details. But when the final outcome is rewarding, and most of the time they are when the project is completed, many will realized that having good advices from a long-standing & experienced service provider lessen a lot of trouble and pain.

We have been around for a good 30 years and hope there will be another to come. From project management background to the emergence of interior space planning and design as an addition to our core service, achieving project viability has never been easier and effective.


Our Strengths

We are not architects but our core is similar on a different scale. As designers and renovators, we are knowledgeable in art, physics, materiality, regulatory codes, have functioning structures and mechanical systems and fundamentally meet the practical & emotional needs of its users. For example, designing for a retail premise requires safe & practical space planning and at the same time we need to meet the atmospheric demand of the space. Integrating so many concerns into creating a cohesive space is our primary business.