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Anchor placement in retail store can generate an active interior space


Anchor, as the word intended, refers to something that can be relied on for stability or mainstay. In commercial renovation context, it could mean any element that inherently attracts people to them. Retail store in a mall for example, usually have sale items located either near the entrance or further into the shop to draw crowd into the store. Both are practice relatively often as observed in the malls.

By placing the sale items near to the entrance of the store, shoppers can commit a short time span of a few minutes to browse through, pick up the merchandise and walk in for payment. Alternatively, they may browse for a few moments and walk on to the next shop. This type of anchor placement will have more browser shoppers, therefore heightening the chance of a successful purchase. However, its odds may be that the rest of the merchandise in the shop is overshadowed by focus on sale items.

On the hindsight, by placing the sales merchandise on the opposite end of the entrance draw shoppers into the store, fostering human traffic and interior activities.

Placement of the cashier counter as the anchor is also useful in drawing shoppers. Try locating the cashier at a location where you want to increase traffic circulation. You may see some positive results.