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Simply put, consultancy service is providing solutions to the limitations of the project. Limitation can be categorized into tangible and non-tangible ones. Tangible limitations are mostly physical aspects, such as the site has a huge column to disguise, an inconvenient entrance, an overlong layout or a limited budget. To tackle tangible limitations are mostly technical and requires designer and space planners’ expertise. Budget limitation is often solvable by using more economical materials and less complicated workmanship.

Intangible limitation mostly arises from the human aspects such as stringent building management policies, developers’ strict rules and regulations onsite, and contradictory requests from client etc. These constraints have to be dealt with logically and diplomatically.

Having completed numerous commercial renovation projects over the 30 years, most limitations can be solved unless hindered by unforeseen situation/event. We always believe that limitations encourage creativity.

If you intend to rent a premise for business, for office or retail space, call us for a chat, we may be able to assist you in making some positive design decisions.