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Office Project Services

Ottawa ID Pte Ltd provides a full range of commercial renovation service, starting from design and consultation. This section aims to firm up the understanding of the services that we provide and we invite you to read them through before you make any decisions for your commercial renovation works.

Space Planning, Design & Consultation

Space planning and design is a critical part of the any renovation project. For office renovation, functionality, human traffic circulation and privacy are some of the fundamental concerns. You can find some reference ideas for your office layout in our article section. If you are interested to engage our design & consultation services, please contact us for more information.

Renovation Works

Walls & Partition

Erecting walls and partition serves various purposes; from defining space functions to aesthetic implications. With dry wall partition as a common choice for most establishments, it is economical, neat and easily dismantled if not needed (as compared to brick/concrete wall). However, concrete wall is useful when the structure requires it be weight bearing.

Glass partition has been a popular choice among office premises. Usually used for individual office-bearers and conference room, glass partition adds a modern touch to an office setting. Also, glass partition has the advantage of making a small office looks more spacious due to its ‘outside + inside’ properties.


There are generally two types of ceiling for office premises; ceiling grid system and gypsum board flush ceiling. Grid ceiling is preferred due to it functionality and simplicity. They could be arranged in 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ grid. The grids are useful for installing standard fluorescent lighting, air con diffusers and air return. In addition, the removable ceiling board makes maintenance works (FCU units sprinkler works) above the ceiling much easier.

Gypsum board flush ceiling is usually installed at reception or entrance area where it appears modern and refine. The colour of this type of ceiling can be changed easily with a couple coats of paint.


There are many types of flooring finishes available. The conventional choice is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles remain as the prime choice of many offices because it is a low cost option and they can be replaced by piece. In addition, it can play a part in sound absorption.

Other than carpet, laminate and high resistance vinyl flooring is catching up in commercial renovation. Being a fashionable choice, they offer wood grain design which has gain popularity among office dwellers. They are relatively easy to maintain and suitable for dust related allegories.

Sprinklers & fire detectors

Sprinklers and fire detectors are fire protection system that automatically activate in event of fire. The installations of such devices are necessary when there are full height partitions. After these works are done, in most cases it is compulsory to submit the necessary papers (approved by PE) to the relevant authorities.


Some commercial premises have individual toilet facilities which make wet pantry possible. Depending on client’s requirement, the wet pantry is normally located near to the toilet for shorter piping works.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning/ventilation is a very important aspect in creating a conducive working environment. Depending on the requirement of the client, air con balancing report is sometimes requested to ensure that every room/space gets sufficient ventilation & air flow.

Carpentry Works

Ottawa started out as with a carpentry workshop and we still maintain an operational workshop for all our commercial renovation works. The carpentry works involved in commercial office renovation generally includes door & door frames, product display cabinet, filing cabinets, storage shelving and pantry cabinets. Finishing of such carpentry works is usually laminate due to its variety in colours and patterns.

Other Services

The other works involved in a commercial renovation project includes installation of blinds, solar film, signage, translucent sticker for glass partition, electrical works etc. For further discussion about these requirements for your office renovation, kindly contact us for a discussion appointment.

Our Products

Office system furniture

We are a direct supplier of office system furniture, including glass & fabric panel system. Please refer to our gallery for picture references.

If you have any question with regards to office system furniture or office chair, please call us for more information.