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Retail Project Services

Space Planning, Design & Consultation

Space planning and design is a critical part of the any renovation project. Depending on the products, there are certain shoppers ergonomics involved in the design of the shop layout and furniture design. For reference ideas, please refer to our articles section. If you are interested to engage our design & consultation services, please contact us for more information.

Renovation Works

Walls & Partition:

Erecting walls and partition serves various purposes; from defining space functions to aesthetic implications. With dry wall partition as a common choice for most establishments, it is economical, neat and easily dismantled if not needed (as compared to brick/concrete wall). However, concrete wall is useful when the structure requires it be weight bearing. For retailers, partitions are usually erected for storage purposes or rooms to conduct services.


Ceiling design takes on rather important aspect of retail shop renovation recently. It is required by some mall that rather than flat flush gypsum ceiling, three dimensional ceiling designs are more desirable. They may use a variety of materials, such as timber, hollow sections, acrylic or even fire resistant fabric. The varying forms and shapes at the ceiling aim to capture the attention of the shoppers, creating positive impress of the products/services they are selling.


There are many types of flooring finishes available. Depending on the expected traffic and usage, floor tiles are usually preferred due to its durability and resistance to water; in other words, tiles flooring can take a lot of abuse.Laminate and vinyl flooring is gaining popularity as well in retail shop renovation. These materials are more commonly used in dry shops, meaning spaces that do not have water presence. They are relatively easy to maintain and suitable for dust related allegories.

Sprinklers & Fire detectors:

Sprinklers and fire detectors are fire protection system that automatically activate in event of fire. The installations of such devices are necessary when there are full height partitions. For shops, partitions are usually built for storage area and/or kitchen for F&B units. After these works are done, in most cases it is compulsory to submit the necessary papers (approved by PE) to the relevant authorities.


F&B units, some beauty-related salons and some establishments will have water inlet/outlet to facilitate the businesses.

Air Conditioning:

Air conditioning/ventilation is a very important aspect in creating a conducive shopping environment. Depending on the requirement of the client, air con balancing report is sometimes requested to ensure that the shop gets sufficient ventilation & air flow.

Carpentry Works

Ottawa started out as with a carpentry workshop and we still maintain an operational workshop for all our commercial renovation works. The carpentry works involved in shop renovation generally includes cashier counter, display shelving, islands, racking, A & P material display fittings etc. Finishing of such carpentry works varies with the most commonly used being laminate, veneer, spray paint, glass and metal.

Depending on the atmospheric demand of the retail shop, different materials, hues and textures may evoke buying/non-buying mood for the space involved. Thus the design and material selection of the customized furniture is a fundamental element in creating a conducive buying environment for shoppers.

Other Services

The other works involved in a retail shop are mostly custom made or non-standard items such as unique material usage & special installations of items. Do contact us to discuss more about your shop renovation requirements.

Our Products

We do not have any standard products for shop renovation as almost all retail shops requires custom made furniture and fittings. For more information about our design & renovation services for retail outlet, kindly contact us at +65 6746 3696 for a discussion appointment.